One Leg of our Early Morning Walk

Our walk along the beach is such hard work!


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Some humor to share

Our president, Mary Moran, wanted to share this bit of humor with everyone.  Yes, old age is truly wasted on us in the Naples Walking Club!!

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Update on Koreshan Tour

KoreshanPark - Edited

Several people have mentioned taking a tour of the Koreshan Unity in Estero before we plan a club outing in the fall which would include tour, hike and lunch. I hope we will qualify for an educational tour and get a break on entry fees at that time.

Presently, docent tours are only Saturday and Sunday at 10 am. I would like to go to Koreshan this coming Saturday (before it gets any hotter!) after the club Greenway walk. The tour begins at 10 am and costs $2. Park entry fee is $5 per car or $4 with single person.
Anyone interested is welcome to join us.

A recently published book documents the history of the Koreshans, “The Allure of Immortality” by Lyn Millner, an associate professor at FGCU. It is well written and documented, and fascinating to learn about this cult that thrived here in the late 1800’s.

Call me (239-571-2770) or meet us there. See you Saturday.


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2016 Mileage

Note: The list is alphabetical by first name.  The month in parentheses indicates that the mileage shown is up-to-date through the end of that month.  

  • Bonnie Vaughn 156 (Feb)
  • Carol Krafft 176 (Apr)
  • Ginny MacDonald 294 (Apr)
  • Jane Baker 588.26 (Apr)
  • Joanne Dempsey 235 (Apr)
  • Karen Klug 62 (Feb)
  • Linda McNerhany 367 (Apr)
  • Lucy Sparrazzo 280.32 (Apr)
  • Margo Peyrot 100 (Feb)
  • Marj Robins 121 (Feb)
  • Mary Moran 187 (Mar)
  • Nadine Kelly 311 (Apr)
  • Wendy Bright 257 (Feb)

Please send mileage and any corrections to:

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New Member

Welcome New Members

Dawn Ivory

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NWC Minutes – April 2016




President, Mary Moran, called the April meeting to order at 8:30 A.M. Twenty­nine members were present.

Treasury Report: Nadine Kelly presented a balance of $573.38.

Estero Preserve Hike: Mary reported the investigation of this possible hike was not good for this time of the year. Perhaps next winter would be a better time for it.

Blue Zones Project: Mary reported on the meeting held on Friday, April lst at Perkins with Blue Zones Project. Her report was positive. They would shuttle members to us, and there would be a good future with them in other ways. They will be attending our meeting next October.

There was no other business as the primary purpose of this meeting was to have a good­bye party for long time members, Pat and Henry Johnson. They are moving permanently to New Jersey. They will be sorely missed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:34.

Respectfully submitted,

Lovice (Lovi) Holland

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April 2016 Treasury Report


APRIL 2, 2016

Nadine Kelly, Treasurer

Beginning Balance                                                                                                       $596.07


  • Dues                                      $ 40.00
  • St. Matthews                          18.00
  • T-Shirt Sales                           20.00
  • Interest                                         .01

Total Deposits                                                                                                                     78.01

Total                                                                                                                                   $674.08


  • St. Matthews                         $ 18.00
  • Barbara Quinn                          12.50
  • Lucille Sparrazza                      12.50
  • Wendy Bright                            12.50
  • Predict-a-Walk Prizes             45.00

Total Expenditures                                                                                                     $100.50

Ending Balance April 2, 2016                                                                                $573.58

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Saturday Meeting Reminder

This Saturday we are meeting at 7:00 am at Vineyards Park to walk before breakfast at Perkins on Pine Ridge. We are holding a going-away party for Pat and Henry Johnson, so let’s all bring individual cards with good wishes for their upcoming move.

Vineyards Park is between Pine Ridge and Vanderbilt drive, just off Vineyards Blvd. Go to the end
parking lot and you will find our group. See you there.

Next week we will be back on the Greenway at 7:15.

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Predicta Walk Winners!

Congratulations to Pat Wolanski, Carole Levick and Jane Baker for coming closest to their predicted walking times last Saturday! Thanks to Debbie Vallante and Barb Quinn for all of their help in setting up the race and compiling the results. It is a fun way to learn what our actual walking times are without racing each other!

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Come early Saturday morning to log in your predicted walk time with Debbie and Barb. Leave ALL timepieces in the car! We will all start walking at the signal.

Wear a NAME TAG to make it easy for Debbie and Barb to get your actual time logged. (It will be interesting to see all the different style name tags!) Let me know if you need one. First names are fine.

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