Minutes – March 2016




President, Mary Moran, called the March meeting to order at 8:37 A.M.  Mary then noted that the February’s minutes were approved and that our minutes are on the website.

Membership:  We have a new member, Kathleen Erickson.  The following members have birthdays:

  • March 9 – Ginny MacDonald
  • March 16 – Janice Rhodes
  • March 24 – Sarah Sprague
  • March 28 – Emil Peyrot

Emil will be 94! Congratulations, Emil!

Treasury Report: Nadine Kelly presented a balance of $596.70. Membership dues are paid for sixty members.

Website: Jose gave a report on the class he conducted for the website. He noted two or three back up people are needed. Anyone with e-mail knowledge can learn to post. He also noted the club needs a communications officer. The best way to get information to members is still through e-mails. Text from the emails can be easily copied and pasted in the website to keep it current.

Dorothy Burgess suggested the address for the website be put on the agenda for the next meeting. The address is: ” napleswalkingclub.org “.

T-Shirts: Carole Levick noted that anyone who wants a t-shirt should let her know ahead of time so she has time to order it.

Club Activities:

The NAMi Walk last Saturday morning was well attended.  Mary thanked Margo Peyrot for getting all the information on the NAMI Walk.

Volunteer Positions:

Activities chairperson and Blue Zones (ambassador/liaison) between NWC and Blue Zones Project: www.bluezonesproject.com.

[Mary noted there is a “Vitality Compass” – find out how long you will live, if you are healthy or not. She said there is a free magazine at the Welcome Center that has the form to figure it out.]


Coconut Walk/Run was attended by four members, one of which placed in her age group and won a coconut. Two of our members turned out to be runners! Barb, Lucy, Mary, and Wendy will have half of their registration fee returned by the club.

Koreshan Park hike. The date will be determined later.

PSP Walk – will be held on Marco Island on March 12th. It is a .6 mile walk. The registration fee is $25.00 per person.

St. Patrick’s Day Fun Run – sponsored by the Gulf Coast Runners at Rip Tide Brewery at 987 3rd Avenue North. Wear green and dress in costume. There will be music, food, green beer, and costume awards. Registration is $20.00 and will be held from 4:45 – 6:30 P.M. You can register on line before March 10th to get race shirt and one beer at Gcrunners-org. Green and white striped pants can be purchased at Walmart.

Predicta Walk – next Saturday. You give your time before you walk. Come early to do that.

St. Patrick’s Party – Someone is needed to take over the planning for this party. Dorothy Burgess is a possible person for this position.

Carol Greenberg suggested we wear name tag on our Saturday Walks. I counted thirty members this A.M. on our walk so Carol’s suggestion is a good one.

There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned at 9:01 A.M.

Respectfully submitted

Lovice (Lovi) Holland

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