NWC Minutes – April 2016




President, Mary Moran, called the April meeting to order at 8:30 A.M. Twenty­nine members were present.

Treasury Report: Nadine Kelly presented a balance of $573.38.

Estero Preserve Hike: Mary reported the investigation of this possible hike was not good for this time of the year. Perhaps next winter would be a better time for it.

Blue Zones Project: Mary reported on the meeting held on Friday, April lst at Perkins with Blue Zones Project. Her report was positive. They would shuttle members to us, and there would be a good future with them in other ways. They will be attending our meeting next October.

There was no other business as the primary purpose of this meeting was to have a good­bye party for long time members, Pat and Henry Johnson. They are moving permanently to New Jersey. They will be sorely missed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:34.

Respectfully submitted,

Lovice (Lovi) Holland

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