2017 Mileage

Note: The list is alphabetical by first name.  The month in parentheses indicates that the mileage shown is up-to-date through the end of that month.  The list only reflects the tally for those who have reported mileage this year.

  • Bonnie Vaughan 730 (Dec)
  • Deborah Stevenson 1942.42 (Dec)
  • Ginny MacDonald 872 (Dec)
  • Jane Baker 1605.15 (Nov)
  • Joanne Dempsey 597.34 (Dec)
  • Linda McNerhany 1201 (Dec)
  • Lucy Sparrazzo 834.73 (Dec)
  • Marj Robins 300 (Jun)
  • Mary Moran  668.90 (Dec)
  • Nadine Kelly 799 (Dec)

Please send mileage and any corrections to: JDempsey811@gmail.com

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