NWC Officers

President – Gail Risner
Vice President – Linda McNerhany
Secretary – Carol Mumford
Communications/Webmaster – Joanne Dempsey
Treasurer – Lucy Sparrazza
Event Coordinator – MaryAnn Bohannon
T-shirt coordinator – Debbie Vallante
Membership – Joanne Dempsey
Marketing/Publicity Director – Barbara Daltorio



  • Preside over meetings (Oct. – May) or year round
  • Delegate authority to other officers and members of this organization to accomplish needed tasks
  • Ad hoc member of all committees
  • Assist all committees as needed or assigned.

Vice President

  • Assist the President in all matters
  • Assume president’s responsibilities in his/her absence
  • Assist committees as needed or assigned
  • Provide new members with copy of bylaws and information on dues responsibility.


  • Take minutes of monthly and special meetings
  • Write Thank-you notes to sponsors and speakers following each event
  • Assist all committees as needed or assigned
  • Publish/mail monthly newsletter to members who don’t access website.


  • Gather and update website on news and member changes
  • Log member mileage
  • NWC Pelican Prattle monthly eNewsletter editor
  • Send out birthday/anniversary/health update messages to members.


  • Deposit and handle dues and all monies
  • Maintain club checking account on a current basis
  • Inform membership monthly on status of club finances.

Event Coordinator:

  • Provide info to members concerning methods to improve walking skills maybe even do warm-ups
  • Review material on area competitive walks and provide information to members at monthly meetings
  • Coordinate the Predicta Walk
  • Coordinate the planning of our annual “out-of-immediate-area” weekend walk for the club
  • Make information available to members concerning organized travel walking trips and tours
  • Coordinate club parties & outings
  • Coordinate charitable walks (United Way, Heart, etc.)
  • Organize and support annual water station for half marathon
  • Coordinate annual hike/outing.

Marketing/Publicity Director

  • Look for ways to involve the Club in events
  • Make sure we are getting in the free publicity.

Membership Chairperson

  • Introduce new members to other club members
  • Maintain up-to-date membership roster
  • Work with Treasurer to see that dues are collected in a timely manner
  • Revise membership application form when necessary
  • Register and receive new members by having them complete a Membership application along with a signed Indemnity form and collect membership fees
  • Create and maintain new membership package that includes pertinent information about the Club
  • Provide Board and membership information monthly
  • Hold applications/indemnity forms of new members.

T-Shirt Coordinator

  • Maintain club T-shirts
  • Design the annual shirt for our destination walk.

Club Historian/Photographer

  • Keep a record or history of the club’s activities and achievements during the year.
  • Take pictures at projects, socials and special events.

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