Website Guide

(We learn by doing. This is just a guide to get you going – Jose Saez)

Basic Tasks

The following four tasks will keep the website up to date and can be done by anybody that knows how to text or write emails. A couple of training sessions to get familiar with the use of WordPress is also helpful.

1. Post club news weekly. For example: email content sent to members, events announcements, birthdays, new members, member mileage, etc.

2. Add new members to the membership roster and make a welcome post in Club News (when new member joins).

3. Update web pages as needed. For example: permanent changes to the regular walks schedule, changes to membership forms (prices, contact address), update club officers names (typically once a year).

4. Contact Naples Free Net every January regarding payment of our yearly hosting fee, $85.00 due January 20th. Call the Help Desk at 239-417-1400 and update their billing data.

Instructions on how to post and maintain pages are included in other sections of this guide. For more information, please read any beginner’s book on how to use WordPress.

It is important to assign a club officer with the responsibility of keeping a current list of the Usernames and Passwords needed. A list of passwords is also kept in a draft page (NWC Usernames and Passwords—Draft) that can be accessed from the dashboard by members with editor authority or higher. Nothing can be done without passwords.

Membership and Mailing System

This system provides a password protected list with the name, e-mail address, telephone number, Naples home address, birthday, year joined and northern address of NWC members.

It is used by all members to find the telephone, e-mail and address of other members.
It is also used by club officers to e-mail club news to all the members.

Finding Information:

  1. Go to the NWC website (
  2. Click on “members” (top of the right sidebar)
  3. Enter the password (ask other members if you don’t know)
  4. Click on the “everyone” list
  5. You should get a list with member information sorted by last name. For more information about a particular member, click on “more” to the right of the member record.

Emailing “all” members (Used by Club officers):

  • Follow steps 1-4 above.
  • Make sure that all the member check boxes are checked.
  • Go to the bottom of the list.
  • Enter your e-mail address (if someone replys, it goes to this address).
  • Enter the subject.
  • Write the content of the e-mail.
  • Go to the bottom of the page.
  • Select “Send Email to members via the list serv (Preferred Method)”
  • Click on “Do it”.

E-mailing “some” members (Used by Club officers):

  • Un-check (clear) all the member check boxes.
  • Check only the boxes of members to receive the email.
  • Go to bottom of the list.
  • Proceed as above.

Adding new Members  (Used by Club officers):

  1. Go to the NWC website (
  2. Click on “members” (top of the right sidebar)
  3. Enter the password (ask other members if you don’t know)
  4. Click “Add Member” (On the left bar under Maintenance)
  5. Fill out the form that opens (if member does not have e-mail, use “
  6. Click “Add to Roster” (On the bottom of the form)

Note: Don’t forget to check one or more líst that will display the information (at least  ….everyone (All Members))

Updating/Deleting Member Information:

  • Follow steps 1-3 above
  • Click on the “everyone” list
  • Find the member to update and click “more” on that line
  • On the form that opens click “change” (second line on top)
  • Update information
  • To change, click “Make the Changes” (bottom of form)
  • To delete Member Entirely,  go to bottom of page and click “DELETE Him/Her”.

How to Post:

A website is only useful when it provides current and accurate information to its members and the public in general (the following is for content providers with author authority or higher).

  • Log into the Website.  Go to and enter your username and password. This opens a page called the “Dashboard”. Usernames and passwords are assigned by the website administrator. The Dashboard has a simple text editor where you can write or paste your content.
  • Go to Posts>New Posts (editor opens – use the “visual” mode)
  • Enter the post Title (do this first – the title is used to create the permalink for the post).
  • Check the box for the desired category (do this second or you may forget).
  • Write or paste the post text and/or insert any image.
  • Preview the Post – Verify that the post looks great and that the text is correct.
  • Go back to the Dashboard and make changes as needed – Preview post.
  • When you are satisfied, press “Publish” (Now your post is visible to the World).
  • Log Out (under user name, top right of screen)

-You can save a draft before you publish and continue later.
-You can preview as often as you want.
-You can edit your post after you publish, but it is best to do it  right.

Adding Pictures:

Posts and pages look better when they include one or more pictures. Working with pictures is a bit complicated because they have different sizes, resolutions, and they have to be imported to the website library. They can be added in a blank line (paragraph) or embedded to the right or left of text in an existing paragraph.  Fortunately, the WordPress editor makes it somewhat easy.

To start with, the picture (file) should be either in a folder in your computer or in the website library. You should be familiar with the file system in your computer.

Adding a picture to a blank paragraph.

  1. Write text (if any) that you want to appear above the picture. Press “enter” to create a new paragraph (the cursor should move down to a blank line and be at the left of the line).
  2. Press “Add Media”.
  3. The Media page appears.
  4. If the picture is already in the library, select the tab that says “Media Library”.
  5. Look for the picture you want and click it to select it (a panel with options appear to the right of the page. I will not cover all options).
  6. Go to the bottom of the panel (move the scrollbar if needed) and select “Alignment: center” and “Size: large” (these settings work well for a picture in its own paragraph. You may experiment with other settings).
  7. Press “Insert into Post”.
  8. Press enter to create a new paragraph if you want to add more text.

If the picture is not in the library:

  1. Proceed through step 3 above.
  2. In the media page, click the tab that says “Upload Files”.
  3. Click “Select Files” (Your computer file system page appears).
  4. Navigate to the directory in your computer that has the picture (file) that you want to post.
  5. Click the picture (file) to select it.
  6. Click “Open”. This will upload the picture from your computer to the website library.
  7. Proceed as above (as… if the picture is in the library).

Embedding a picture in a paragraph with text:

The steps are the same as in an empty paragraph except that the following steps give the best results:

  1. Write the text paragraph first.
  2. Place the cursor (insertion point) at the start (left) of the first line of text.
  3. Click “Add Media”.
  4. Proceed as above, but choose “Alignment: left” and “Size: medium” in the media library panel options and press “Insert Into Post”. This will insert a medium size picture at the top left corner of the paragraph.

Keeping Static Pages up to Date:

Some website pages provide general information that does not change or changes infrequently. We have the following static pages:

Application Form – edit seldom (when form information changes)
Indemnity Form – edit seldom (when legaleze changes)
Join the Club – edit when Membership fees, shirt cost, adress to send check changes.
NWC Officers – edit once a year
Regular Walks – edit when locations or times change.
Website Guide — may need to use HTML (text mode) for links witihin the page.
What we do – edit seldom (when the page becomes boring).

To modify Static Pages (you need ¨editor¨ authority or higher to change static pages. The owner, president, webmaster and communications officer have editor authority or higher).

  • Log into the Website. Go to and enter your username and password.
  • Go to Pages>All Pages (editor opens – use the “visual” mode).
  • Click the page you wish to edit.
  • Modify the Page text and/or insert any new image.
  • Preview the Page – Verify that the page looks great and that the text is correct.
  • Go back to the Dashboard and make changes as needed – Preview page.
  • When you are satisfied, press “Update” (Now your changes are visible to the World).
  • Log Out (under user name, top right of screen)

Note: you can preview as often as you want,

Website Administration

Users authorized to work on the website have different authority to do specific tasks on the website. To access the Website, the user must have a user-name and a password.

Writing and editing posts and pages do not require administration authority and most users don’t have it. This prevents accidental and harmful changes to the site.

However, some tasks such as managing users, require administration authority. To do these functions, the user must log-in with a user-name that have administration authority.

Presently, the following users are authorized to work on the site:

USER                       USER_NAME                              AUTHORITY
———                       ———————–        —————————————————
admin                      nwc                            Owner Administrator (Total – do not delete)
webmaster             webmaster                Administrator (Total access of site)
president                president                  Editor (write and edit all posts and pages)
communications   communications     Editor (write and edit all posts and pages)
secretary                 secretary                  Author (write and edit own posts)
treasurer                 treasurer                  Author (write and edit own posts)
member                  member                    Author (write and edit own posts)

NOTE: The Webmaster and the Club President should keep an up to date list of all passwords. 

Passwords are also kept in a draft page (NWC Usernames and Passwords—Draft). This page can be accessed from within the dashboard by members with editor authority or higher. Keep the list of passwords safe and current. Nothing can be done without passwords.

Dedicated Email Accounts

(Used to read messages sent by the system to authorized users). 

These email accounts are generic accounts used to receive system messages sent to authorized users of the system. I created them to avoid using the personal email of system users, especially since the NWC officers change every year. Only the webmaster (wmaster) needs to read the especial emails occasionally. In my case, I chose to use my personal gmail account to receive messages sent to the webmaster. But that is up to the new webmaster.

To access these accounts:

  • go to
  • enter
  • enter yourpassword
  • press “login

Note: “youremail” and “yourpassword” are taken from the list below. For example, for members with no email, you would use: (full email address) and none-01# for the password. Notice that the full email must be used.

List of especial emails and passwords:

1.                    PW: none-01#

2.                  (ask authorized user)

3.                 (ask authorized user)

4.   (ask authorized user)

5.                 (ask authorized user)

6.                 (ask authorized user)

7.                   (ask authorized user)

Website Hosting

Naples Free Net provides website hosting and annual renewal of our domain name ( To use these services, we need to keep an “NFN4Good Premium Membership” with an annual contribution of $85.00.

This contribution is billed to the NWC treasurer in January. It is important that we keep the e-mail that Naples Free Net uses to contact the treasurer up to date. Contact Naples Free Net before January 20th to verify that they have the correct billing information. Call the HelpDesk at 239-417-1400.

To pay the bill we can use these methods:

Credit Card:  Call the HelpDesk at 417-1400 or click here to renew online.

In Person:  Naples Free-Net offices, 5035 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL 3411

Postal mail: Send check to:

Naples Free-Net
NFN4Good Premium Membership Renewal
5035 Tamiami Trail E.
Naples, FL 34113

(write on the check)

For questions and information:

  • Visit the Naples Free Net website (
  • Call the HelpDesk at 417-1400.

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